Winter Marzen

This special seasonal beer is smooth rich and creamy with pronounced malt character; brewed strong to help fend off the cold of winter.

Chocolate Covered Cherry Stout

A beer rich in malts, bittersweet chocolate, sweet cherries and milk sugars gives this beer its namesake and a low hopping let’s all the goodness of the flavors stand out. Our hope is it gives you a few minutes to relax and enjoy life.


A 2012 Gold medal winner at the World Expo of Beer, it is created after the 1976 Spӓten Oktoberfest bier from Munch, Germany. This Oktoberfest bier is orange in hue, with a pronounced malt presence derived from the large amount of German style maltz. The result is a rich mouth feel with a malty body.

Imperial Cinnamon Hefeweizen

A unique twist on a classic German beer. Starting out with a whopping 18.5° Plato, the pale malts and flaked wheat produces a medium yellow beer. Added in the final stages of fermentation are premium Vietnamese Cinnamon sticks and whole Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans. So put on your jammies, sit back in the recliner and let us warm you up.

La Cerveza

La Cerveza: A Mexican-Bohemian style ale brewed with malted barley and flaked maize. Its crisp, dry character is complemented by the use of earthy noble hops. This beer is great on its own or is enjoyed with a slice of lime. A light, thirst quenching beer perfect for a warm summer day. ABV: 3.7% IBU: 14