A double IPA that has been mixed with the Asian fruit Yuzu and heavily dry hopped with Citra and an Australian hop called Victoria Secret both provide wonderful aromas of citrus, passionfruit and pineapple flavors as well as a piney resin. This beer comes in with a solid 8.4% ABV and a IBU of 76

Back Forty

Strawberry Saison. A Golden farmhouse ale fermented over Michigan grown strawberries. Earthy, spicy aroma with subtle hints of fruit. Refreshing semi-dry finish.

Belgian Dubbel

This beer is traditionally made with a rather simple malt bill but the unique flavors come from authentic Trappists yeast and over 80 pounds of caramelized sugars imported from Belgium. Aroma profile is full of fruity esters such as raisins,plums,bananas and a slight clove notes. A very low hop profile lets the complex malt flavors really stand out.

Chocolate Covered Cherry Stout

A beer rich in malts, bittersweet chocolate, sweet cherries and milk sugars gives this beer its namesake and a low hopping let’s all the goodness of the flavors stand out. Our hope is it gives you a few minutes to relax and enjoy life.

Wet Ry’d

A fall treat here in Michigan is the hop harvest. We took fresh hops 2 hours off the vine and combined them with 3 different rye malts and malted barley for a refreshing comfortably hopped relaxing beer. Here’s to Michigan and its great beer scene. Cheers!

Jusa Porter

Stouts little brother brings together base malts as well as black, chocolate, caramel and a new malt called Carabrown combined with a traditional English yeast gives this beer a slightly creamy and somewhat bitter finish. Low hopping so you can enjoy all the hard work of the malt house.


“Perhaps Summer’s Most Refreshing Beer” Yuzu is a popular Asian fruit with Meyer lemon, mandarin orange and grapefruit flavors. Combined with light rye malts for a dry crisp base and spices like cardamom, Tangerine peels and basil it will quench even the biggest summer thirst.

Black Cherry Vanilla Porter

With generous amounts of caramel, black and chocolate grain, this malty ale is fermented with bourbon vanilla beans and later black sweet cherries are added. These combine to provide a vanilla cherry aroma with a silky mouthfeel. A low hopping schedule ensures there is little bitterness for this smooth delightful beer.

Red Sail Ale

A smooth and balanced, medium American amber with gentle hopping and a low ABV makes for a relaxed ale that will male you want more. A 2014 bronze medal winner at the World Expo of Beer.